HealthTell, winner of the 2012 “Innovator of the Year, Start-Up Company,” was praised by the Arizona Technology Council for its development of a new method of monitoring patients’ health statuses. HealthTell’s technology takes a novel approach to the problem of detecting cancer and infectious diseases before they spread or become harder to treat.

Unlike other methods which focus on measuring the pathogen and require complicated and expensive monitoring devices, HealthTell’s system is geared towards measuring the body’s response to a disease or condition. The same concept applies in measuring a person’s temperature for fever to determine whether infection is present. HealthTell measures the body’s immunosignature and tracks changes in the body over time…and simply requires a single drop of blood from the patient.

HealthTell’s monitoring technology has been shown to be effective and has been praised for its potential to change how chronic diseases are diagnosed and treated. The ability to detect a change in person’s health profile very early on will be a useful tool for researchers and physicians.

HealthTell’s system was developed at Arizona State University by Dr. Stephen A. Johnston and Dr. Neal Woodbury. The technology was licensed through ASU’s tech transfer organization, Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE).

Source: HealthTell Website
Source: PRWeb, HealthTell, Inc. Wins the 2012 “Innovator of the Year” Award at the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation

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